Yoga To Increase Flexibility

Yoga has always been the go to type of fitness to improve flexibility. You may be as strong as steel but parts of your body feel stiff and tight. Why put in all that effort in the gym when your body is not aligned and muscles obviously not working together? There are many reasons why there is no better thing to turn to than yoga to increase flexibility.

You cannot rush progress and there are no ways of improve your flexibility through yoga without patience and consistent practices however the calm tranquil environments that yoga is practiced in make you quickly forget about trying to race along. Yoga is suitable for all ages and both men and women. You can improve your flexibility through a series of stretches/poses and considered breathing and you will be on your journey to a fulfilling practice.

Start of with the lengthening your hamstrings by trying a combination of:

  • -standing forward bend
  • -triangle pose
  • -reclined big toe pose
  • -seated wide-legged straddle