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Just like our bodies need a workout for physical fitness and well being, our brains have to be trained too in order to be fit, healthy, able to deal with stress, life’s challenges and the ‘roller-coaster ride’ of emotions. My focus is on learning to love, accept and honor ourselves, cultivating different skills to release the inner critic, and creating from harmony rather than conflict.

Body mind health encompasses understanding that body, mind, emotions and spirit are dynamically interrelated.

Each time our body, emotions, mind or spirit feel out of balance, it has a ripple effect throughout the entire system.

A new study from investigators at the Benson - Henry Institute for Mind / Body Medicine finds that eliciting the relaxation response - a physiologic state of deep rest induced by practices such as yoga, meditation, breathing and prayer - creates immediate changes in the expression of genes involved in immune function, insulin secretion and energy metabolism.

In fact, according to Professor of Medicine Dr. Benson, many studies have shown that mind / body interventions like the relaxation response can decrease stress and enhance wellbeing.

If you are feeling run down, emotionally and physically out of balance and looking to counteract stress, body mind therapy could bring you benefits your heart and body desire.

In 1-2-1 Bodymind Consultation you can expect holistic approach based on the strengths of the talk therapy with bodywork, such as postural alignment, breathing exercises to calm your mind chatter along with coaching by inducing the use of "affect regulation". We'll aim to increase the emotional intelligence which is understood to be more closely related to the body and the heart in order to clear old patterns and bring body, mind, emotions and spirit in harmony.

In brief, we have to release any negative subconscious patterns and blockages, before we introduce new positive and healthy programming. This can be a daunting process and is best facilitated with professional help. I specialize in the mind-body natural medicine and I bring together psychology, yoga, pilates and nutrition to inspire my clients achieve their goals.

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