Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness

We currently run corporate fitness classes for several local companies, including Deloitte and Hoare's Bank in London. 

Our classes are dynamic total body workout designed to improve posture and flexibility, release back and neck tension after a long day in the office, strengthen core and simply relax.  

Corporate classes give colleagues a chance to improve health and well-being and  train together at a certain time every week.

Corporate classes are suitable for 5-15 people.

Corporate rate

To qualify for our corporate rate, a minimum of 5 employees need to sign up to take Pilates, Yoga or Fitness classes. With our corporate rate block purchase option, corporate rate classes can be purchased in blocks of 30 and 50, which can be shared between the participating employees, and are valid for use at any time within a 6-month period. 


''I always feel good on completion of your classes.'' C C, C Hoare & Co

Terms & Conditions

A minimum of 30 classes must be purchased to receive the corporate rate.

A minimum of 5 people from the same company signing up for classes.

Classes are valid for 6 months from the purchase date.

Classes can be put on the company’s account for all employees to share or divide proportionally between individual employees.

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