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Jasmina Paul


Founder of BodhyHealth in London, UK.

Jasmina specializes in emotional and body natural health and brings together psychology, yoga, pilates and nutrition to inspire her clients achieve their goals. Currently, she is a doctoral researcher in the field of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.


Ever since I was a little child, I had special intuitive gifts and innate need to figure out “the Truth”. I was born in Croatia into an environment that did not appear to have a setting of love and acceptance. Looking back, my upbringing reflected feelings of disconnect from divine energies.

After a long journey of self-growth and spiritual awakening, what I found to be true is that as human beings we need to (re)connect daily with Mother Earth and Father God and feel their presence and love in our hearts. I am not talking about religion here, I am merely pointing out that my path started to feel inspiring when I consciously made a decision to change my patterns, quit blame and shift my energetic frequency.

Things can and will change when we live our lives from the vibration of love, peace and joy. It is not always a smooth path but it is a path of the Truth and authentic wisdom.

Mind Body Health Boutique

The Law Of Creation

I used to be a corporate lawyer and felt chronic lack of energy, it was like my life belonged to clients and other people. I felt powerless, angry and quite isolated. My reality was created on the basis of my old beliefs and emotions. It took some time to transform negativity and find my purpose.

I truly understand fears we face in the process of finding our true path, which is why my passion is to facilitate my clients on the journey to discover their true purpose, release old patterns, reinvent themselves and achieve a healthy, vibrant and empowered mind, body and lifestyle.


''I feel less stressed.'' Murray Johnstone, Deloitte

“I love your classes! I feel so much better now!” Hannah, Mum of 3, London UK

Jasmina Paul and Steven Paul


My body went through kundalini process (spiritual awakening and balancing of yin / yang energies), which really feels like being plugged into a huge energy field. I achieved this with yoga, ayurvedic nutrition, clearing statements and daily connection with divine. My senses are heightened, my body feels much lighter and it’s like entire system has been upgraded.

Today I live in London with my husband Steven who brings me joy and supports our vision to help restore health and bring awakening to our Planet. We share fulfilling, fun and loving relationship where self-growth and acceptance are part of our journey. We have created Bodhy Health as a reflection of our joint purpose to enhance the vibration of health and awaken to our life purpose. I feel blessed!

I’d like to connect with you and build business on a soul level because my heart is guiding me in that direction.

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With love,

Jasmina Paul

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